In the books!


A quick post before I go to sleep…

Richmond was great. I feel pretty good – I had some nasty chafing on my arm from my sleeve, and my lips are chapped, but I’m otherwise unscathed. Not even a blister! Just a little stiff and sore.

I cruised through the first half of the race, but the wind really got me from about mile 17 on. It took more out of me than expected. Still, my second half splits were pretty respectable, and were faster than my first 10K split. Overall, I’m really pleased with my steady pace.

I had 0 miles slower than 12min/mile, and averaged 10:59/mi for a total time of 4:49:42 – a whopping 45 minute PR! (Okay, it’s actually about 44:50, but I’m rounding up.)

I am so thankful to all the volunteers, and to the many people who supported me in this insane pursuit, most especially my parents, kids, and husband who schlepped all the way to Richmond to see me run by for about ten seconds.

More tomorrow when I’m not going cross-eyed from exhaustion.


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