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Helloooo blog. It’s been a while. Let’s dive right in. I decided at 7pm last night to register for the Community Bridges 5K. This is a new event, in conjunction with the inauguration of UVA’s new president, Jim Ryan. I have barely been running. The weather this summer has been, as the kids say, extra. […]

In the year and a half since I last posted, I had Lyme disease, followed by a bout of sinus infections and bronchitis, and had dramatically resigned myself to a life filled with less running, and aging gracefully. I’m through that phase, thanks to the CATHalf. This past spring, I was still battling bronchitis, and […]

Before I can recap the race, I have to recap my week. Tuesday morning, I drove to Dulles, flew to Orlando, and spent Tuesday evening through Friday morning at a conference, sitting too much, walking too much, eating terrible food, and not drinking enough water. Friday afternoon, I ate some more terrible food, flew back […]

I hemmed and hawed about signing up for this one – it was the same day as the last 10 miler training program run, and I didn’t want to miss “graduation.” I finally decided to give it a try when I realized there were pancakes involved. Sugar Hollow Road was the site of a few […]



Today was the dreaded Two Mile Time Trial. That’s when you warm up with a couple of easy miles and some dynamic stretching, then run 8 laps on the track, aiming to be mostly dead by the last lap, preferably by way of negative splits. I’ve done it several times before and always love/hate it. […]

I drove out to Richmond the night before, and met some running ladies for a pasta dinner. I went out early, and spent some time kickin’ around the Short Pump mall, which was probably not the greatest idea, as I really didn’t need the time on my feet, and the tree lighting ceremony on November […]

In the books!


A quick post before I go to sleep… Richmond was great. I feel pretty good – I had some nasty chafing on my arm from my sleeve, and my lips are chapped, but I’m otherwise unscathed. Not even a blister! Just a little stiff and sore. I cruised through the first half of the race, […]