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I drove out to Richmond the night before, and met some running ladies for a pasta dinner. I went out early, and spent some time kickin’ around the Short Pump mall, which was probably not the greatest idea, as I really didn’t need the time on my feet, and the tree lighting ceremony on November […]

In the books!


A quick post before I go to sleep… Richmond was great. I feel pretty good – I had some nasty chafing on my arm from my sleeve, and my lips are chapped, but I’m otherwise unscathed. Not even a blister! Just a little stiff and sore. I cruised through the first half of the race, […]

Mix tape


Because I came of age in the age of mix tapes, I must mark the occasion of my second marathon with a mix tape. Or, as the kids these days call them, a “playlist.” Since I have to drive to Richmond and back, I needed something good for the road. Here are my selections: 1. […]

Taper town


Taper town is a strange place. It looks all perfect and glittery from a distance, as if only happy and beautiful things can exist there. And when you finally arrive, it’s all uneven floors and sticky doorjambs, and ugh the glitter sticks to everything. Everything hurts. I’m emotional, and there’s an underlying panic I can’t shake. […]

One of the mental games I play with myself on long runs, particularly on out and backs and true loops is that when I get to the  halfway point or beyond, I say, “I’m done. I just have to get back to the car.” And so it is with taper. I’m done with the marathon, […]