Summertime…and the livin’ is easy…


…but the running is kicking my ass.

The meteorologists have all been crowing about how it’s actually been slightly cooler than average this summer, but they doth protest too much, methinks. As we say here in VA, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

I’ve been a little in denial that I’m marathon training. But at last I found myself on a list of names, handwritten by Coach Mark, with some instructions for this morning’s long run, and a promise that my program is soon to follow. Welp. I guess I’m doing this thing.

I’ve actually been running consistently for the last several weeks. I’ve gotten connected with a great group of runners out in my little ‘burb, included people who are willing to run as slow as me, walk up the big hills, and listen to my bellyaching about howwww hotttttttt it is. In my defense, it was 75+ degrees with humidity around 90% at 5:30am on Wednesday. WTF. My happy place is with hats and fleece and tights and one of my many pairs of gloves, and heated seats on the ride home.

Nevertheless, my weekday pace was getting me down. We got a little breather this week, and this morning’s long run was so much more tolerable. I won’t say pleasant, because I still ended up a hot mess, but I didn’t feel too awful at the end. I followed Mark’s instructions to a T, and actually had a great run, exactly on my pace targets. What a relief! Mark gave a particularly “tough love” speech this morning, so I was extra pleased to be a good student.

A few equipment notes:

-I’m still using my old Garmin Forerunner 305, and lusting after the new 225. Realistically, it doesn’t make sense to drop a wad on the shiny new one. Thankfully, it only comes in drab black because if it had a remotely cute or snazzy color scheme, I’d be unable to resist.

-I was briefly running in a pair of New Balance, but they felt heavy and noisy. I went back to Pearl Izumis, and they are making me happy. I’m in the EM Road M3, which is one step up in stability from my previous pair, but honestly doesn’t feel a ton different. My feet feel quiet again. I kinda sorta wish they had a little more cushioning in the forefoot, but then I’d miss the responsiveness, soooooo….

-My hydration vest and reservoir are life changing. Geez, I wish I’d had this when I was marathon training and nursing lo these many years ago. It’s like wearing nothing, except this nothing carries two liters of water and has pockets for all my crap. I drank 25 ounces in 7 miles this morning. I’m a thirsty lady!


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