Richmond, grudge match edition


I registered for the Richmond Marathon today. I can’t believe it. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I’m feeling strong, and ready for the challenge.

I ran Richmond in 2006, my only marathon so far. It was a great experience in that I finished, but kind of sucked in that it was my first marathon and was unseasonably warm that day. I’d done my last few long runs in tights and gloves, and mid-November rolled around and it was 80 and humid. I finished in 5:34. My goal had been 5 hours, and I know I can do it this time, even if it’s roasting hot, freezing cold, or pouring rain.

I will definitely be training with the CTC Marathon training program, as I did last time. But just for fun, I was googling “marathon training programs” to get an idea of what my Saturdays will look like July-November. Let’s just say I will encourage my kids not to sign up for fall sports, and will be a very “free range” parent while I nap post-run. This is going to be a very different experience than when I had one kid who slept all the time.

The programs follow pretty predictable patterns. Two or three weekday runs, and long weekend runs that ratchet up the distance. Some of them go into a little detail about what the weekday runs should look like. The one that made me giggle had “hills” on a midweek run about every fourth week. As if there will be *any* running days around here that don’t include runs. Oh, internet running plan, bless your heart.


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