Training Season


The hip is better than ever. I have great range of motion, no pain, and so I forget to blog about fixing it.

I’ve been training for the 10 Miler, and it’s gone really well this season. Until just a couple of weeks ago, I had gotten in nearly all of my scheduled weekday mileage. The past few weeks have brought snow and cold, which have made running tough, especially since the treadmill is the tool of the devil and I avoid it at all costs.

Today, the 8K I was supposed to run was cancelled due to the snowy and icy conditions on the course. Coach Mark very kindly offered the group a pace workout instead.

We warmed up with a jog to The Park in frigid temps – my car said it was 12 degrees. The track wasn’t plowed, so Mark had somebody measure out 800, avoiding the snowiest patches on the path around the softball fields. We did some dynamic stretching, and then did 8 800’s, starting at just above race pace, and getting progressively faster. Without having the usual landmarks and gentle turns of the track, it took a little while to get into the rhythm of it. My goal race pace is 10:15, so we were shooting for about 5:10 for the 800.

The first 800, the little group of us who run together spent trying to figure out whose watch was showing the correct pace (answer: not mine, it died in the car on the way over), and figuring out how to traverse the wickedly slippery icy patches. I think the first 800 was about 5:40?

Somewhere in the middle, we started speeding up. By the end, my last 800 was 4:24. That’s pretty epic for me! I’m really happy with it, and glad I did the workout, and even gladder I had company to make sure I went out slow. There were other much faster runners there, and I am happy to say that many of them hung around, and shouted encouragement on our last couple of 800’s.

Two weeks till the 10 Miler – I’m ready!


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