Summer’s End


The blog has been quiet because I haven’t really run all summer. Today is Labor Day – the unofficial end of summer. Time to end my running hiatus. 

I’ve struggled with foot problems since a couple of weeks after the Nike Half. I suspect plantar fasciitis, but as a person who has spent way too much time being capital-I-Injured these past couple of years, I detest the thought of getting a real diagnosis, so I’ve avoided that. Perhaps not wise, but after a summer of light running (really, just some brief jogging interludes while walking the dog), and religious wearing of Birks and Orthaheels* in gross violation of the “no flip flops” policy at work, I’m mostly ok. I’ve been stretching the old achilles, too. Basically, I’m to the point where my self-loathing for lack of fitness far outweighs any physical damage I might do by running.

Saturday marked the Women’s 4 Miler – an event that I no longer run because it is just too much of a circus for four lousy miles. But that I support wholeheartedly. I volunteered setting up packet pickup this year, and would have also volunteered on race day had I not had a scheduling conflict. It was great to see everyone’s facebook and twitter feeds all lit up with W4M posts. I am so proud to be part of a community that has as its biggest anti-cancer fundraiser a RUN, not just a walk. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good charity walk. I think it’s great that families and strollers can participate in those events.

But you know what thrills me about the W4M? It’s that the running community here believes that any woman has the potential to run four miles, and to call herself a runner. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities run this race. And yes, walkers are welcomed with open arms (in fact, the last-place finisher gets a special celebration), but the essence of this event is that YOU.CAN.DO.IT.

And so I leave this sedentary summer behind, and look forward. In less than 12 weeks there is a half marathon that I’m just crazy enough to train for, starting nearly from zero. And then my beloved 10 miler in the spring. I.CAN.DO.IT.


*I’m not compensated by either, but will still sing their praises.


3 Responses to “Summer’s End”

  1. 1 Jen

    Welcome back — to both running and blogging.

    I didn’t run all summer (ongoing knee issues), but I have tried adding short running intervals on my walks in the past week. So far, the knee is holding up, but I’m not pushing too hard.

  2. Small world — saw your comment on Jeannine’s blog and the labrum caught my eye. My repair is scheduled for next Tuesday – 8 days from today! Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great to see your recovery!

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