Still running


Since I last updated, I ran the 10 miler and had a great race. I got food poisoning and missed a week of training. I started raising money for LLS for the upcoming Nike Women’s Half in DC. I surreptitiously streamed coverage of the Boston Marathon at work, as I do every year. And then…

I have spectated in person 5 times, and from a distance at least a dozen others. I have looked up Boylston at those flags just past the four hour mark. That race is so close to my heart; it is part of what makes me who I am. I am a proud alumna of Wellesley College, aka the Scream Tunnel. Boston, though I could never hope to qualify, is the reason why I started running. Patriots Day was always the happiest day of the year in Boston.

There’s a thing that went around the Interwebs – an aerial photo of Manhattan’s orderly grids, captioned “New York, because we want you to know where you are and how to get where you’re going” and then a photo of Boston’s tangled streets captioned “Boston, because fuck you.”

Am I still going to run a very crowded race in our nation’s capital, less than two weeks after Boston? Yes. Because fuck you.

I run for Boston.


2 Responses to “Still running”

  1. “Yes. Because fuck you.”

    I love that line. Good one, my friend.

    Up until yesterday evening, I had been telling myself for three months that if I can’t go back to running, I’ll be okay with it. Now, I’m not. I want to run again precisely because of Boston.

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