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Yes, that’s the official name. Ridiculous. Like so much else about this race. My biggest compliment is that all the marketing collateral was really lovely.  The original plan was that IronMo would stay with me Friday night, run the Park to Park in nearby Waynesboro on Saturday morning with me cheering, and then drive me back […]

The Nike Women’s Half is coming up on Sunday – what a gift to have an opportunity to race less than two weeks after Boston. And what a gift to be able to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Yep, I’m begging for money! Because there’s still no cure for cancer….  

Still running


Since I last updated, I ran the 10 miler and had a great race. I got food poisoning and missed a week of training. I started raising money for LLS for the upcoming Nike Women’s Half in DC. I surreptitiously streamed coverage of the Boston Marathon at work, as I do every year. And then… […]