Bad Romance


As it turns out, Lady Gaga has a torn right hip labrum, and will have to have it surgically repaired. So between her and A-Rod, I’m feeling exceptionally trendy.

I’ve had a few hiccups in my recovery. Even after a year, it’s still not a done deal. I should probably go back to PT. Several times now after a long run, all the muscles around my hip go into spasm. It is terrifically painful, but after a couple of ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep, my hip feels like nothing ever happened. It had only happened after some particularly long runs on cold days, but then it happened yesterday after 3 junk miles in 50 degrees. Happy Valentines day to me.

But it’s not stopping me from tackling nine miles tomorrow. I will admit that most of my long runs this season have included plenty of contingency plans – like, I can take the footbridge at rugby, or lop off Alderman and go straight down Ivy. I always carry a credit card so I can pop in to Starbucks for coffee and a comfy chair. I can hop on the Free Trolley on JPA to get back to the stadium. Or I can stop in to my parents’ apartment downtown and get a ride home from my dad. There’s no end to my worst case scenario contingency plans. Not exactly the confidence I’ve had in years past. But I just consider it an extended version of my famous pre-race freakout. Business as usual.

In other news, best of luck to Iron Mo in Myrtle Beach this weekend! And I can’t remember if I updated the blog, but I got in to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. It happens to be the day after the Park to Park, so I’m a little disappointed I won’t be doing that race again this year. But hey, it’s Nike!! I’ve never done a really big race like this, and I’m excited for the new experience. Plus, the Tiffany finisher’s necklace is a nice perk. It means I’m really not worried about slacking on the training a bit before the 10 Miler – I have to keep going for six more weeks after that race.


One Response to “Bad Romance”

  1. 1 Jen

    As soon as I read the news about Lady Gaga, I knew *exactly* what her injury was and what her recovery would be like, thanks to your excellent reporting on the same subject.

    I’m sorry that you’ve been having some hip issues lately. I hope you’ll get it checked out and won’t let it get too bad. (Says the person who is currently back in PT and not allowed to run.)

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