Happy New Year!


I know, it’s almost February. But the first anniversary of my labral repair is coming up next week! What a perfect time to reflect on auld acquaintance and new beginnings and whatnot.

I began the year with my favorite race, the New Year’s Day 5k. I missed it last year due to The Bug. I had a terrible head cold this year, but was determined to run it. Both kids were excited to participate with me. In true Sami form, she was going to have to run as a bandit since the minimum age is five. And knowing her like I do, I planned to station The Supportive Husband at the turn onto Wesley Chapel Road, about a quarter mile in, so that Max and I could actually run together.

(c) Jack Looney Photography

Before (note Sami’s “running” shoes).

Except The Supportive Husband and I miscommunicated and he never showed. And shortly thereafter The Princess was done running, so I ended up carrying her for most of the race. It ended up being a great strength workout, and I got lots of kisses. The best part? I didn’t even think about the hip the whole time.

(c) Jack Looney Photography


And that’s the story of my running these days – I really don’t think about the hip very much, except occasionally on a cold morning when I start off too fast. A quick stop to lunge and stretch, and I’m as good as new. The more I keep up with my PT exercises, the less that is an issue. My main complaint now is still the weakness on that side. Three years of wonky takes a long time to fix. But the pain is mostly all gone. My joint used to be so tender after a long run. It’s surprising to me how I good I feel after eight miles in the cold – to be upright and walking and not resting with a pillow between my knees is a whole new thing for me. I honestly didn’t realize how much I’d been compensating for my injury until I didn’t have to compensate for it any more.

So happy new year to me and my hip! For my second year post-scope, I resolve to stick with my PT exercises, run a 10 miler, run a half, and blast through the Montalto Challenge this year as a bona fide runner.



One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year – yes! To you and your hip and your beautiful family. I love following your running endeavors – while I sit next to the woodstove and fatten up the baby – in utero and {eventually} out. {Maybe I’ll join you someday in the future.}

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