Race Report – Turkey Trot


The Turkey Trot is one of those races that I swear, every single damn year, that I’m never doing again and yet every Thanksgiving I find myself queueing up at the start. Registration is wickedly expensive for a 5K, packet pickup is remarkably inefficient, the course is crowded with people who run exactly one race per year and seem to make it their annual mission to break every rule of common sense and race etiquette. But it’s for a good cause, Coach Mark is always at the finish, and it’s a nice way to get out of the house and beg off meal duty for a while on Thanksgiving morning.

The princess, who is newly 4, wanted to come with me to the Turkey Trot this morning, so I loaded up the buggy, the pies for later, and all of her assorted crap and headed out early. She declined to wait in the warm car, as had been my plan, so we had the buggy loaded and rolling by 8:15 for a 9am start. I was freezing in just a thin shirt, vest, and capris, but Sami was snuggled in with snacks, lovies, and blankets and was content to boss me around.

Finally it was time to make the long walk to the start with the crowd. They always tell walkers and people with strollers to line up in back, but really, you end up where you end up – the start is so crowded, there’s no way to really find a pace group. I also dislike having to line up with walkers just because I have a stroller. If I see someone in jeans and penny loafers, I’m going in front of them, stroller or not.

And then we were off. As usual, we were shoulder to shoulder with people of all speeds for at least a half mile. Soooooooo slow. It wasn’t even a brisk walk. By the time I actually started to run, the leaders had already finished the hills, and were passing us going the other direction, with under a mile left.

The race was as expected. Hills. Which I don’t mind when I’m solo – for years, my 5K PR was this race, brutal hills and all. But with the buggy – when I’m not struggling to hoss it up, I’m struggling to keep it from running away on the downhills. Just before Mile 2, Sami insisted on getting out and running with me.

And damned if she didn’t run the entire rest of the way. In Crocs, no less! She was very excited about how big her muscles were going to get. We crossed the finish at just under 45 minutes by my watch. Pretty impressive when I was basically standing still for two thirds of a mile, and being paced by an inexperienced four year old for half the race.

I’m excited to let her run all of the New Year’s Day 5K with me – I was going to skip it, but I really think she can handle a flat out and back. Unless she’s like her mama, and the hills are what make it fun. I guess we’ll find out in January!


P.S. The hip? Not an issue at all. I am pleased to say that the more I run, the better it gets.


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