Better than ever


Yesterday I did my longest run since surgery – 4 miles! It’s tough for me to get motivated to run in the summer – it’s hot and humid here, and The Supportive Husband is a wedding photographer, meaning I’m often by myself with the kids on weekends. I’m not training for anything big, so I don’t have a group to run with.

But yesterday, the stars aligned – I had a friend to run with (the awesome Melissa), the weather was cool, and the kids were overnighting at Camp Grammy.

I had trouble falling asleep the night before – how would the hip hold up? Would I be able to run the whole four miles? Would I be too slow for my running partner?

I shouldn’t have worried. It was great. Or at least, Melissa was nice enough not to complain about me slowing her down. I started slow and stopped twice to do some lunges and stretch. I definitely had to work, because I’m so deconditioned right now. But that’s not the fault of my hip, or the repair – that’s all on me. It was entirely pleasant, start to finish. Afterward, I even parked at my parents’ place and walked to the Saturday farmer’s market.

But my real excitement about the run came this morning. For years, I have always felt just a bit tender the morning after a long(er) run. But today – I can honestly say that my hip feels amazing. Better than ever! It feels like I finally got enough work out of it to really loosen it up. And my labrum hurts not at all. I truly didn’t realize how bad my injury was until I was without it. Something like this that causes low-level pain – you learn to cope and compensate. And after years of your body adjusting to it, you don’t even realize there’s anything wrong. Until it’s right.

I’ve had flashes of doubt during my recovery. Should I have rocked the boat? The pain wasn’t that bad! It wasn’t really getting worse. Now that I know how good it can feel, I can’t believe I put up with it feeling so bad for so long!


One Response to “Better than ever”

  1. 1 Jen

    This is great news! Next thing you know, you’ll be training for a race!

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