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Yesterday I did my longest run since surgery – 4 miles! It’s tough for me to get motivated to run in the summer – it’s hot and humid here, and The Supportive Husband is a wedding photographer, meaning I’m often by myself with the kids on weekends. I’m not training for anything big, so I […]



Now that I’m done with the acute phase of my recovery, I’ve thought a lot about things I woulda coulda shoulda done differently. 1. Pre-op baseline PT. I did PT, but it was more than a year before my surgery. I wish that I’d done some pre-op PT prior to the surgery, to have good […]

Life vs. hip


I got kicked out of PT today. When my PT asked me what I was doing for exercise, I rattled off the list of my average weekend activities – long walks, pulling the bike trailer, swimming, more walking, picking fruit, general kid chasing. He asked how much running I was doing and I said not […]