Tri season


Since I got the new bike, I knew it was only a matter of time until “mom tri” season rolled around again. What is a “mom tri”? It’s something like this:


Ride the bike to the gym with the kids, pulling one in the trailer. Work out at the gym. Then ride over to the pool and frolic with the kids. And ride home. Phew.

So today, I pulled out the trailer (a totally unbelievable $40 Craigslist steal), hosed it down, and took it for a test ride, with my petite princess strapped in. She begged me not to go on any steep hills, then claimed she wanted to go fast, and then announced she was scared. All in the first tenth of a mile. Not only am I more than a bit out of shape, Sami’s five pounds heavier than last summer. We live at the foot of the Blue Ridge, so there’s not a hundred feet in a row that are flat.

So this weekend I’ll be picking up a brand new Bee, which weighs in at a whopping 14 pounds lighter than my Craigslist Cub. I’ll re-Craigslist the Cub, and send it on to another loving family.

Mom tri season is officially underway!


3 Responses to “Tri season”

  1. 1 Erica L.

    I’ve got a Bee! There are times when I hardly notice it is there (I don’t have any real hills to deal with though…).

  2. 2 ryan

    Wasn’t it scientifically proven that Kansas is flatter than a pancake? I am SO looking forward to the Bee!! The Cub is a tank.

  1. 1 Race report: Montalto Challenge 2013 | Fix My Labrum

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