Criss cross


Still progressing well – I’m still weaker on my right side, but I’m pretty sure that I was even weaker pre-op. I still don’t have full range of motion, but after some awesome manual therapy on Monday, I can aaaaaaalmost get into criss-cross applesauce comfortably. I still have to unwind verrrrrry slowly, but I no longer fear sitting on the floor with the kids.

I’ve also started running outside again. I know I’ve made great progress recovering because I’m totally over my love affair with the treadmill, and once again hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Just a few short weeks ago, I thought that I had finally made peace with it, and that we were on our way to a long and fruitful coexistence. Nope, turns out I was just deluding myself to make it through the dark days.

In other news, the fine folks at Audubon have these awesome field guide apps for the iPad, and they’ve been on sale! Snap them up, people. They’re amazing, even at full price. I happened to pick up the insects app on sale today, and was perusing through when I found this:


Yes, whatever insect this is has a labrum. Cool.


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