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Tri season


Since I got the new bike, I knew it was only a matter of time until “mom tri” season rolled around again. What is a “mom tri”? It’s something like this: Ride the bike to the gym with the kids, pulling one in the trailer. Work out at the gym. Then ride over to the […]

Criss cross


Still progressing well – I’m still weaker on my right side, but I’m pretty sure that I was even weaker pre-op. I still don’t have full range of motion, but after some awesome manual therapy on Monday, I can aaaaaaalmost get into criss-cross applesauce comfortably. I still have to unwind verrrrrry slowly, but I no […]

It went better than I hoped! Because I signed up so late, my pre race freak out happened in the car on the way there when I realized I hadn’t brought my Garmin with me. I considered turning around to go get it, but didn’t want to chance being late. Naturally, I was way too […]

I’m now 3 months post op. The first month went so slowly and was a real downer, but I’ve been improving by leaps and bounds in recent weeks. I’m operating by the “stress it to heal it” mantra. Every gym visit includes a little running. I’m slow for many reasons: I’m retraining my gait to […]