Stress it to heal it


A big day – I got the officially sanctioned okay to run, and did seven minutes on the treadmill. In a row! At a whopping 4.6 mph, which is slow, even by my standards. But it was running. Even though it was slow and relatively uncoordinated, it felt less lopsided than before the surgery – I was always running around the bad hip. And now it just swings straight through.

The pt and I talked a lot about my form and what I need to work on – avoiding my default swayback posture, and keeping my knees from rotating inward. Which is, according to the pt, what wrecked my hip in the first place. My weird form aside, the pt said I looked fantastic, especially for not having really run since Feb 1 and, oh yeah, having hip surgery in the meantime. The part where you have to rest to heal is over, and now, he said, I need to stress it to heal it. Full recovery means I have to bear weight, to run, to stretch, to strengthen. Now that is a recovery plan I can get on board with!


One Response to “Stress it to heal it”

  1. 1 Jen

    This is the challenging part. After my knee surgery, I had to learn how to walk normally again AND remember to start putting weight on that joint again.

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