Pushing it


I’m reaching a whole new level in pt. Just a few weeks ago, I was breaking a sweat balancing on one leg. Today I stood on an overturned bosu ball and did more squats than I have done in my entire life up to this point. On one leg. If you’ve never stood on an overturned bosu, there’s a bit of a learning curve just to get up on the thing. Which is a nice way of saying that I grasped my pt’s hands desperately as I wobbled-hurled myself onto it. I tried to channel my distant past – I once flew the Jetstream 32 (motto: pissing off the world 19 people at a time), which has the double whammy of lacking an autopilot and being unstable. Those of us who flew it said that it was like balancing on a basketball, which I suppose is not unlike balancing on a bosu. Which is to say, very wobbly.

I’m still working on activating and strengthening the deep muscles that stabilize the hip. I’m also working on range of motion still, which means a lot of mobilizations – some feel awesome, but far more keep me in a state of discomfort. But when we’re done with that part, I always feel awesome right after.

Outside of pt, I’m doing my best to increase my activity level. It’s getting harder, mostly because my repertoire of pt exercises is increasing, and my free time is not. I did walk over three miles this weekend in DC for a work function, plus spent a ton of time on my feet in the next couple of days. It was impressive to me how exhausted I felt after what was once an inconsequential amount of activity. Even though I’m no longer limping, I clearly have a ways to go before I’m totally back up to speed.


One Response to “Pushing it”

  1. 1 Jen

    I am blown away by how far you’ve come after such major surgery. You’re doing such an amazing job.

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