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look at me!!


My failure to do squats on the Bosu at PT was so epic that my PT laughed openly. At me, not with me. It was a disaster. I held on to a pole and wobbled in terror. But yesterday, I showed that Bosu who’s boss. Not only did I do two sets of 30 squats, […]

Now that I’ve been given the PT’s blessing to do pretty much whatever, I’m thinking of taking up Dance Walking.  Or maybe I’ll just do another set of lunges.

A big day – I got the officially sanctioned okay to run, and did seven minutes on the treadmill. In a row! At a whopping 4.6 mph, which is slow, even by my standards. But it was running. Even though it was slow and relatively uncoordinated, it felt less lopsided than before the surgery – […]

1. Last night, I had the privilege of strolling through the vegetable gardens at Monticello, sipping champagne, while Alice Waters and her staff prepared a dinner that I ate on the west lawn, surrounded by fascinating people. Full enjoyment required walking uphill and downhill, over grass and gravel, wearing heels.  A month ago, I would […]

Pushing it


I’m reaching a whole new level in pt. Just a few weeks ago, I was breaking a sweat balancing on one leg. Today I stood on an overturned bosu ball and did more squats than I have done in my entire life up to this point. On one leg. If you’ve never stood on an […]

So back when my doctor only suspected a labral tear, he sent me for an x-ray, and lo and behold, at the entrance to the building is a small sculpture garden containing none other than a Beyonce the big metal chicken. My PT is in the same building. Don’t you want to go to PT […]