The work begins


I’ve been having a hard time writing a post about my first pt session. In my head, I’m mostly just going “squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Real mature.

Between the time change and the excitement of getting started with pt at long last, I had a hard time going to bed early last night. But I hopped out of bed pretty quickly, and had breakfast for the kids squared away by the time I had to leave to make my 7:30 paperwork session. I didn’t actually make it to the office until 7:45, but as I suspected, 7:30 builds in quite a fudge factor. I finished my paperwork with five minutes to spare.

The PT himself was everything I hoped he’d be. He’s sharply intelligent, and has a lot of experience rehabbing labral repairs. He has a student working with him, and they both assessed me and made recommendations and started me on some exercises. Apparently, I am doing great for 6 weeks out. My pain level and range of motion are normal for this stage of my recovery. My hip muscles are suffering from disuse, and I need to work on activating them so they can work to support and move me.

My prescription was for PT three times per week, but the PT says that I don’t need much manual therapy, and mostly need to do exercises on my own. That’s great news, as squeezing in PT sessions that aren’t close to either work or home is a challenge. Now I just need to get back in the habit of exercising!

The PT also gave me some good questions to ask at my follow up with the surgeon tomorrow. Things like what are my restrictions, and what’s his standard rehab protocol. I’m not convinced the surgeon has much of a rehab protocol beyond “sit on your duff for six weeks,” but maybe he’ll magically produce some documentation tomorrow that isn’t about regaining use of my knee.

No matter, I am in good hands with the PT, and I’m ready for the long road ahead.


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  1. gogogogogogo! (PS, I did level 5 on the bike today! for 10 minutes!)

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