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Well, not really. But I did volunteer for a ¬†few hours yesterday at packet pickup for the 10 Miler. It was fun! I wish I’d taken a few pictures – mostly because 1)I pinned approximately 150 sets of four safety pins together and 2)I was handing out numbers 1-250. Which meant that I had a […]

sweet ride


Guess who traded in the 16 year old mountain bike on a sweet new ride? Happy eight weeks post scope to me!! It’s a touch awkward getting on and off with my still-limited range of motion, but otherwise, I am thrilled to once again have the wind in my face. Check out the awesome detachable […]

hurts so good


Wednesday marks eight weeks since the surgery, and enough healing has occurred that we can now start working on range of motion. I’m looking forward to being able to sit on the ground with my kids someday soon. And stretch my adductors in cobbler’s pose. The PT put me in an adductor stretch for the […]

I’ve hit a whole new level of recovery. I don’t know if it’s the PT or just being a few more weeks out of surgery, but I’m feeling so much more normal. I have a long way to go – my range of motion is still pretty limited, and I have pain in certain positions, […]

6 weeks


Tomorrow marks six weeks since the surgery. I had my follow up with the surgeon today. It was a long drive for a quick grip ‘n’ grin – Skype would have been a lot more efficient, and would have saved me the $90 I spent on carbs at Trader Joe’s. I got a rather nonspecific […]

The work begins


I’ve been having a hard time writing a post about my first pt session. In my head, I’m mostly just going “squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Real mature. Between the time change and the excitement of getting started with pt at long last, I had a hard time going to bed early last night. But I hopped out of […]

Good news, world! My local Harris Teeter¬†has expanded their online shopping pickup hours to seven days a week, 11am to 8pm! This is huge. I am enormously dependent on online grocery shopping these days – my time on my feet is limited, and spending an hour trekking around a big box, lifting and bending, and […]