slow and steady


I’m a pretty slow runner – I am used to slogging it out over long distances at a slow pace. But recovering from this surgery is a much greater test of my mental fortitude than running has ever been.

I’ve been on the treadmill a couple of times since I posted. While I enjoy getting to walk without having to navigate stairs, cracks, hills, or turns, it’s pretty demoralizing to spend the better part of 20 minutes to go half a mile. The surgeon didn’t place any particular restrictions on weight bearing, but it’s clear that I can’t really increase the time that I’m weight bearing very much. And honestly I’d rather save up my ambulatory time for something like walking to the bus stop, or running an errand. 

So I got on the exercise bike today. I know, I know, the surgeon told me not to. But what he was really cautioning me against was exceeding 90 degrees of flexion and putting stress on the joint. I assure you that walking has more opportunity for peril than the exercise bike at level one. 

It felt great to be on the bike, though, like my first time on the treadmill, it was humbling to break a sweat going 10 miles an hour for 17 minutes. When I got off, my hip felt great, but my legs felt like jelly. It really drove home that I have reached a whole new level of sedentary while recovering.

I know I’m supposed to be sedentary right now, and I’m cool with it. For a few more weeks. But it’s clear that the kind of lifestyle that leads to jelly legs at level one on the bike is not something sustainable for me. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities the world around me has to offer, and not be limited by my physical condition. 

Speaking of my physical condition, I made a quick stop back at Dr. K’s for him to work his magic on my ankle, which had been extremely stiff and sore since the surgery. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out with my ankle feeling better than it had since I was a teenager! It’s great to feel that at least one part of my body is in tip top shape.


One Response to “slow and steady”

  1. we’re still matched! Your 17 minutes to my 18 on Weds. My triceps are rockin but the lungs..oh, the lungs. Slow and steady! 🙂

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