After some pressuring and badgering in my part, the doctor said I could be weight bearing as tolerated, but that I should, and I quote, “chill out” and not be overeager to get moving. PT starts in a month. In the meantime I can do limited amounts of gentle walking and not much else. I was specifically forbidden to ride the exercise bike, even with no resistance. I’ll probably do a lot of pool walking in the next few weeks.

After returning home, I was actually pretty down, despite being free of staples. After 10 days of crutching, your body forgets how to walk, and I was pretty wobbly. I am still using crutches – walking and using them for balance more than support. I can use just one crutch, which means that now I can carry things!

But I have a long road ahead of me. It’s tough to go from running miles the day before surgery to being mostly sofa-bound. It’s one thing to intellectually understand the rehab process and the long term payoff; it’s another to actually have to live it.


5 Responses to “WBAT”

  1. not to be a brat and a half but can you pool-walk? I would think the resistance from the water would make it too much pressure. (also, I want you to get as out of shape as me. but the first part was serious.)

    • Mary – hopefully I’ll transition to no support in the next couple of days, so as tempting as the offer of the cane is, I think I’ll pass.

      Mo – Pool walking is ok if I take it easy, use flotation, and avoid >90 degrees of flexion. SO happy about that.

  2. 4 Mary

    Ryan, I have my adjustable cane in the back of my closet, meaning that I haven’t needed it in months and won’t miss it if you borrow it. While it does age one a bit, it is smaller and easier to manage than a crutch. You are welcome to it. I understand your frustrations although as you know, I am not a runner. I was anxious to move on with my life–specifically being able to drive!

  3. I know you’re eager to get moving, but don’t push too hard. You know this, but you need to let your injury heal FULLY before you go all Marathon Mama on your hip.

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