Yeah, we got that


I was told to leave the dressing on for 48 – 72 hours, but by this morning I was so ready to bathe and to get the giant dressing off my hip. It was at least two inches thick and made it impossible to wear any pants other than one pair of sweats and one pair of pajama bottoms. Our washer is on the fritz and the repairman won’t be here till Monday, so being able to have more options for bottoms was becoming imperative.

After a well caffeinated visit from Jen, my mom the nurse offered to take off my bandages. Hooray!

I was unable to get any information whatsoever from the hospital staff or the doctor’s office about the specifics of my procedure or the closures used. I wasn’t sure if I had 2 or 3 incisions, or if they were closed with sutures, staples, or dermabond.

Taking off the bandage took some time as there was a lot of tape. Underneath we found 3 incisions, closed with staples. I don’t mean to disparage my doc (or more likely his PA), but really? Staples? Not just staples but THREE staples per incision. These are not big incisions. A single suture would have sufficed. So I have nine staples in my hip. Ick. Medical people correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t staples kind of the lazy way to close? There’s no technique in placing staples, not like there is in doing a good suture. While I do trust my surgeon, it does give me pause. It’s like when you eat at a really nice restaurant, but their bathroom is filthy. The bathroom is the part they let you see – how fastidious are they about the kitchen, which they don’t let you see?

Plus, now I’m stuck waiting till my post op appointment to get the staples removed, since they require a special tool. A nice little nylon suture I could remove myself. Good thing I pressed the scheduler for the follow up on the 10th instead of the 14th, like they first offered.

Enough whining. I have, two days post op, almost zero pain. I am on no meds at all, save an anti-inflammatory that I have to take for a month. I hadn’t realized how much the tear had been hurting me until it stopped hurting. It feels like a million bucks. I’m eager to get started with rehab and pt, but trying to be patient and make the most of this initial healing phase. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of Downton Abbey – I watched the first episode of season 2 last night. Plus, The Supportive Husband and I have The West Wing on DVD to work through. Jed Bartlet 2012!


3 Responses to “Yeah, we got that”

  1. Picture! Where is the picture of the staples, please?! xoxo

    • They’re too close to my buttock to want to put on the interwebs. 😉 Also, it’s hard to photograph one’s own rear, and the photographer in the family is too squeamish.

  2. I’m so happy that you’re continuing to be pain-free. But what a drag about the staples. What kind of scarring will you have from them? I

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