Post op


I’m baaaaack!

And I am so glad to be on the other side of it.

The Supportive Husband and I were motoring down the interstate when the surgeon’s office called. My first thought was “oh no, they’re cancelling it!” But no, they actually wanted to make sure I was on my way as they werew going to get me in sooner.

We opted for valet parking, and strolled right in to admitting. Once I was checked in, they whisked me and TSH to a sad little waiting room, and not long after that, a nurse came to get me. Much to my surprise, TSH was not allowed to come, and headed directly to another waiting room. I got changed into a gown and socks, and headed to holding which was about as fun as the name suggests. It was cramped and poorly lit. Various nurses took vitals and so on, and the surgeon breezed in, marked my right hip, and started to breeze out. I stopped him with a shout and asked a few questions before he dashed away. My nurses were very impressed with persistence. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to deal with surgeons.

The anesthesia people came around after my IV was started, and after I told them about vomiting profusely after my tonsillectomy, gave me a scopolamine patch, and promised more drugs later. Then I was wheeled to the OR.

They had already given me versed and something else, so the last thing I remember is sitting up on the gurney, about to move to the OR table and telling the nurses to please not hold me accountable for anything else I was about to say.

I woke up with the shakes in recovery, and drifted in and out of sleep. The nurse said that TSH would be allowed to come down once I was dressed and moved to a waiting room. I decided I’d rather feel like woozy crap with a familiar face, so I asked to get dressed. While I was dressing, TSH came in, and gave the nurse a hand moving me into the adjacent room.

I really wanted to leave, but was extremely nauseated. I thought a ginger ale would make me feel better, but the carbonation had the opposite effect and I was feeling sicker than ever. I finally got some Zofran, hooray. I have a picture of me trying not to hurl, but I’m on my iPad and freshly vicodin’ed, and can’t figure out how to attach it. You are crushed, I know.

Finally, I was ready to go, and away we went. At home, I was happy to see the kids, but headed straight for my bed. The pain meds helped me get a good night’s sleep, and I feel well, all things considered.

The joint really doesn’t hurt, but every muscle in my leg feels like it’s been pulled and stretched, which indeed they have. The top of my foot and my ankle are numb – the surgeon had said this was a possibility, but usually happens in big, muscular guys. What can I say – I’m pretty buff.

I’ve mostly been lying down today, letting people wait on me hand and foot. It’s nice, I should do this more often. I’m only taking 1/2 a Vicodin at a time, as I’m mostly just on comfortable, not in real pain. I can hardly move my leg – the muscles just aren’t talking to each other very well, but I’m able to get myself in and out of bed and to the bathroom. I’ve got crutches and am allowed 50% weight bearing.

I’m going to spend the next few days just hanging around and resting and getting caught up on Downton Abbey. Next week I’ll be working from home part time, and then back to full time the following week, still from home until I’m driving again. My follow up is next Friday, and I can’t wait! Recovery is going to be a slog, but I’m just glad to finally be on the road, rather than waiting around.

Hey I figured out the picture thing. Here’s me trying not to vomit.



2 Responses to “Post op”

  1. Hooray! You’re done. The worst is over.

    As for the leg stiffness, the two things that will help with that are gentle massage and gentle stretching. You might ask your doc about those. I almost wept with relief after getting 15 minutes of soft tissue massage four days after my surgery.

  2. Wowooo! Looove that Versed (also love that our “last memories” are identical – they really know how to time that shit. Hope you continue to feel good – and tell me when you’re through Season 1 of DA (I am about to begin Season 2, which is all on


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