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slow and steady


I’m a pretty slow runner – I am used to slogging it out over long distances at a slow pace. But recovering from this surgery is a much greater test of my mental fortitude than running has ever been. I’ve been on the treadmill a couple of times since I posted. While I enjoy getting […]

I hit the gym this morning and walked on the treadmill for the first time post op. It took 16 minutes to go a half mile, but it’s a start. My hatred of running on the treadmill is well known, but it’s an excellent therapeutic tool. It’s perfectly level and has handrails, just in case! […]

Yesterday was my first day back at the office. I’ve been working since day 5, but have been doing so from the comfort of my sofa while I was on crutches. It’s been nice, but I need the routine of getting dressed and groomed, plus it’s nice to actually show one’s face In a meeting […]



After some pressuring and badgering in my part, the doctor said I could be weight bearing as tolerated, but that I should, and I quote, “chill out” and not be overeager to get moving. PT starts in a month. In the meantime I can do limited amounts of gentle walking and not much else. I […]

If you’ve ever been on crutches, you know what a pain in the neck it is to sit down, lean your crutches against something, and have them slide and fall over. I learned a nifty trick to avoid this. Yep, prop them up upside down, so they’re more stable. Not for use if the floor/ground […]

I had the BEST day today!! IronMo’s mom had a chiropractor appointment just around the corner from Whole Foods, so we had our servants (aka her mom and my Supportive Husband) drop us there so we could be gimps together before she heads back up to DC. Look, here we are in the Whole Health […]

Day of rest


Sitting on my duff and having people wait on me while I caught up on Downton Abbey was awesome for three whole days. Then the stir crazy switch flipped. Today I hit the gym and the grocery store with The Supportive Husband. They gym was remarkably crowded, so I felt pretty dorky hobbling around. I […]