one for the road


This morning was my last pre-op long run with the Charlottesville 10 Miler training group. It was a perfect morning for a run, and even better, we have left the high school track behind and are back at the UVa track.* It was a recovery week for my group, which meant that I could actually run the whole distance with my little gang. I may have held them back – my speed and stamina are definitely not where they were last year, given my lackluster training this season. I could blame it on the New Year’s stomach bug, I could blame it on the weather, but mostly I was just feeling kind of mopey and sorry for myself, with surgery looming in the future.

But today I mostly felt lucky that I had one last chance to run with my posse, to be back on the 10 Miler course, to get yelled at by Coach Mark (for complaining, no less). I was slower than I’d hoped, but not slower than I expected. I ran hard on the intervals, but not too hard to talk. I saw friends in the window of Starbucks and resisted the temptation to stop in for a hot chocolate. I will have a LOT of time for hot chocolate in another few days.

I’ll likely squeeze in another run on Monday, plus my ass-kicking small group Tuesday morning. And then, who knows? A friend told me that A Rod was back playing baseball two weeks after his labral repair, so I’m going to quit googling and go with that.

See you next season, 10 Miler Training Program!! I can’t wait to get my feet on that new track.


*Sort of. The track has to cure for another couple of months, plus construction is still going on, so we aren’t allowed to run on it. We meet in the parking lot, and then head out on the 10 Miler course and thereabouts. It will always feel like my running “home.”


One Response to “one for the road”

  1. I am SO impressed that you’re running so far so close to surgery!

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