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If you’ve read my other blog, it’s no secret that I never run a race without having a pre-race freakout. I was a commercial airline pilot, so I’m normally pretty cool and collected, but in reality, I just compartmentalize well. Until I don’t.

The past few weeks have pushed my compartmentalization skills to the limit. The Supportive Husband needed some support of his own, with a double hernia repair. Meanwhile, he’s been having some ankle issues, and today turned up in an air cast, with the promise of further diagnostics down the road. My tidy box labeled “Husband’s health” just tumbled off the shelf and spilled its contents all over my calm exterior. As our health issues have been suddenly pushed to the forefront, compartmentalization is clearly not a sustainable strategy. I have to incorporate this reality in to my life without making myself, or those around me, crazy.

To that effect, I am doing my best to think about everything from the “get to” perspective, and not the “have to.” I often have to push myself to think this way about running. I don’t “have to” run the hills in town, I get to! Lucky me – I have the time, the stamina, the strength to get to run. I am grateful to get to do that, even as I’m sucking wind. For my own sanity, I need to approach the surgery the same way.

I get to have this surgery. I don’t have to. Indeed, I could live a long life without it, and probably still be relatively active for most of it. It wasn’t even an option a decade ago. But I’m fortunate enough that the technology now exists to fix what ails me, to be able to get rid of the nagging pain, and avoid further complications in the future. I get to work during my recovery. I have a great job and supportive coworkers, and can work from home as much as I need while I’m laid up. I get to lean on my friends and family and my supportive (if slightly gimpy) husband. How lucky am I to have such a great support network!

And knock on wood, in a few more months I will get to run those hills again. I will get to ride my bike with my kids, and hike, and take them to the pool, and chase them around. Those are some get to’s I can really look forward to.


One Response to “Get to”

  1. It’s all going to be fine. You know that and I’m reminding you of that. You’re going to ultimately feel so much better after you’ve had your jacked up hip fixed.

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