One hip mama part 4


In the previous post, I’d visited with Dr. D, the orthopedic surgeon.

At every step along the way, I keep expecting that somebody will say, “yeaaaaah, so, you’re really fine. Quit whining.” It’s great to have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. But what I really want is for ice, Advil, and a reality check to cure me.

Because as Dr. D explained the surgery, the next logical step was to start asking questions about the recovery. The good news is that I can expect a full recovery. Better than full – I’ve had pain for so long, I’ve forgotten what it is to be pain free. I can’t imagine not compensating for this. I am truly lopsided now. My right glute area is just a mess – it’s almost constantly in spasm, and yet terrifically weak compared to my left side. My water bottle sloshes like crazy when I hold it in one hand, and not the other. Both Dr. K and Dr. D have done range of motion tests that just blow my mind. Having full ROM and no pain is going to be fantastic! But there’s a price.

Two weeks on crutches. And since it’s my right hip, two weeks of no driving as well. I have two little kids and a full time job. The Supportive Husband is, in fact, quite supportive, but he’s a busy, self-employed professional. And is having surgery of his own two weeks before me. So I’ll be calling in a lot of favors. I’m lucky that my parents are nearby, however, they’ll be going out of the country just before I’m off crutches.

And being off crutches doesn’t mean I’m home free. I have four more weeks of restricted activity. I’m supposed to avoid more than 90 degrees of flexion, so all the bending down to tie little shoes and zip little zippers is out. Once those initial six weeks are up, I’ll start physical therapy. It looks like recovery will be a marathon, and not a sprint.

In actual running news, I’ve had a rough time keeping up with my 10 Miler buddies. With surgery looming, I’ll admit to waning motivation. I won’t be running the race, so without that carrot, I have a hard time getting out the door. I was felled by a stomach bug just after Christmas, and had a week where I couldn’t eat and couldn’t run. I’m still trying to get the mileage back up from that. But it behooves me to be in good physical shape going in to the surgery, so I’m doing my best to slog it out.

Speaking of surgery, Iron Mo had surgery yesterday, and is blogging postoperatively. She had a big tear in a tendon that has vexed her for a couple of years now. Lucky her, she gets crutches for eight weeks! Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.


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