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Surgery is tomorrow. The freakout is reaching epic proportions. And my washer kind of broke last night, thank goodness my dad is handy, retired, and lives nearby. Rather than burden you with my internal monologue, which is even starting to annoy the crap out of me, here’s a little levity. Goodnight, all. Time to go […]

This morning was my last pre-op long run with the Charlottesville 10 Miler training group. It was a perfect morning for a run, and even better, we have left the high school track behind and are back at the UVa track.* It was a recovery week for my group, which meant that I could actually […]

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If you’ve read my other blog, it’s no secret that I never run a race without having a pre-race freakout. I was a commercial airline pilot, so I’m normally pretty cool and collected, but in reality, I just compartmentalize well. Until I don’t. The past few weeks have pushed my compartmentalization skills to the limit. […]

In the previous post, I’d visited with Dr. D, the orthopedic surgeon. At every step along the way, I keep expecting that somebody will say, “yeaaaaah, so, you’re really fine. Quit whining.” It’s great to have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. But what I really want is for ice, Advil, and a reality check to […]

In the previous post, I had been referred by Dr. K to an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. D. On the advice of Dr. K, I stopped by the hospital to get a copy of my MRI. I had my laptop in the car, and took a quick peek before hitting the interstate. Despite the radiologist’s report, I […]

This post first appeared over at my running blog. In a previous post I had an MRI and found out I had a torn labrum in my hip. Now is the time on the blog where we talk anatomy of the hip. Ball and socket, sound familiar? The socket is lined with cartilage, and there’s a lip that […]

This post first appeared over at my running blog. So I’ve had hip troubles on and off since I was pregnant with Sami, who is now three. I’ve done a stint in PT that made a lot of difference, but the pain has never completely gone away. My wonderful new doc sent me for an […]